International Polyurethane Technology Foundation - Application for Grants to open soon

05 March 2020
International Polyurethane Technology Foundation
Announcement of the 6th grant application for basic research and application development on polymer chemistry
In the 60th anniversary of the first polyurethane foam production in Asia, International Polyurethane Technology Foundation was established in 2014.
This is the first foundation in Japan for research grants targeting polymer field mainly composed of polyurethane and this foundation is promoting the public interest purposes aiming at the further development of the polyurethane research.
Our goal is to contribute to the development of the polymer field in the world by providing research grants to institutions and individuals conducting basic research and application development on polymer chemistry mainly composed of polyurethane.
Last year we supported 6 research grants and this time is the 6th research grant that we provide research grants to universities, research institutions and individuals that are contributing or considered to contribute to the growth and environment-friendly research and development of polyurethane technologies.  See:
Research grants for research institutes and individuals conducting research and development that contribute to the expansion of the use of polyurethanes by human beings, such as new technology related to polyurethane and reducing the burden of polyurethane on the global environment.
Research field targeted and Qualifications
Research field targeted are Basic research, application research and development, and research on polymer chemistry of which mainly for polyurethane. And also related fields such as interdisciplinary research on chemistry, physics, mechanics, electricity and other related fields.
We provide grants to research groups or individual researchers that belong to Universities or Research institutes in order to support excellent research on polymer chemistry of which mainly for polyurethane. It does not matter to the nationality.
Regarding Duplicate application, there are the following arrangements:
1) you have not received research grants from this Foundation at the time of application.
2) You have not been subsidized by another foundation for the same theme.
3) The application content must not be highly identical to the past award theme.
Research grant amount and the term
1 million Japanese Yen per grant.
About 6 researches will be selected.
The research term is, in principle, within one year. Since the Foundation operates on a single-year budget, we would request to submit an interim report when research spans the second year.
Application procedure and the dead line
The application starts on June 1, 2020 and the deadline is September 30, 2020.
Please complete the designated application form and send it to the secretariat of the foundation as show below. The application need a recommender comment and he or she must be a technical director at technical college, university, research institute and others including the president or the dean. An application form can be downloaded from our website:
The date of grant decision and Contribution of research grants
The selection committee will decide the grants on December, 2020 and announce at the end of January, 2011. The application is evaluated in four (4) points such as the originality, the feasibility, the economy and the future prospect.
We will provide the grant at the end of March 2021.
The grant will be used for expenses for equipment, research raw materials, travel expenses, consumables and others necessary for research. But it does not accept to use for general administrative expenses at research institutes and universities.
Recipients of the grant must submit “Research Report” and “Use details of the grant” by the end of June, 2021. At the results report or research paper of the research grant, please write that you have received the research grant from this foundation.
All personal information related to the application for research grants will be used only in the selection process. The Foundation has a right to publish it on our website or in a booklet. But the Foundation does not claim any rights with respect to intellectual property based on research results.

(Where to submit the applicaion)

International Polyurethane Technology Foundation Secretariat  
Mr Shinji Hirayama
2-13-4 Meieki-minami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 450-0003 Japan
(3F, INOAC Nagoya The Head Office Building)
TEL: 050-3135-8998
FAX: 0566-98-5037
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