In the news: The European flexible PU foam market report for 2018

05 September 2019

According to data collected by Labyrinth Research & Markets Ltd, on behalf of Europur, and presented at this year's General Assembly of Europur and Euro-Moulders in Lisbon (11-13 June 2019), the total production of flexible polyurethane foam in the 28 EU member states, Norway, Switzerland, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey reached 1.7 million t in 2018, of which 388,000 t was moulded, down from 410,000 t in the previous year and 1,318.400 t was slabstock, a decrease of 4% from 2018. Of the total flexible polyurethane slabstock foam produced, 1.24 million t was polyether slabstock foam and 75.217 t was polyester slabstock foam. Overall, slabstock production in 2018 decreased by 4.0% across the entire region. Over 65 organisations were interviewed to supplement production data provided by Europur member companies, who now represent 70% of total EU slabstock production. Read more in the article published by PU Magazine downloadable below.

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