Ecolabel for Mattresses - revision published

24 July 2014

The EU Ecolabel for Bed Mattresses has now been agreed under Commission Decision 2014/391/EU dated 23rd June 2014, and remaining valid until 23rd June 2018.   While the criteria document can also be found on the EU Ecolabel website, unfortunately the revised Application pack / User manual have not  yet been published

The EU Ecolabel for Bed Mattresses can be awarded to all mattresses that can be placed on an existing supporting bed structure, including latex foam, polyurethane foam and springs for use in bed mattresses. The award also includes wooden bed bases that support the bed mattresses. 

As far as polyurethane foam is concerned, the criteria and testing method are the same as those of EUROPUR's CertiPUR label.

An old fact sheet for Bed Mattresses can be found here. The new factsheet is still under development.