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What is CertiPUR?

CertiPUR is a voluntary testing, analysis and certification programme for the environment, health and safety properties of polyurethane foam used in bedding and upholstered furniture applications. It specifies substances that may not be used in the production of polyurethane foams and sets stringent maximum limits for some components.


The scheme is fully transparent. It rests on clear criteria that require firms to comply with with restrictions concerning substances in foam which may be of concern for health or the environment. The foams of label holders are tested every year by independent laboratories to ensure that they continue fulfilling the specifications of CertiPUR. If a firm fails these checks it wil have to take immediate remedial action. Further failure will lead to dismissal from CertiPUR and withdrawal of the right to use the label.

CertiPUR trademark

CertiPUR is a registered trademark of EUROPUR. Only foam producers that have their foams certified and conform to the CertiPUR standard can use the CertiPUR logo. They can transfer this right to manufacturers of bedding and mattress that purchase certified foam from them, provided of course the logo only appears on products that were produced exclusively with certified foam. This is why the CertiPUR logo can appear on furniture and mattresses that are not necessarily sold under the brand name of one or the other label holder.


EUROPUR  is committed to ensuring that the CertiPUR logo is only used by companies that have the right to use it (certified foam producers and their customers). If you have a doubt on whether a product legimately carries the CertiPUR logo or not, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are taken action against fraudulent users of our logo.

Similar labels

Purchasing a mattress or furniture bearing the CertiPUR logo ensures that the foam it contains complies witht he stringent specifications of CertiPUR. It may be possible however that other certificates are being displayed on mattresses or furniture as some schemes cover all components they are made of (textiles etc). Schemes with comparable quality requirements for polyurethane foam are notably Oeko Tex 100 and the EU Ecolabel.