Without us even noticing, many of the products that can be found in our homes and offices are (at least partly) made out of polyurethane foam.  Foam is present in the mattresses and pillows we sleep on, in the upholstery of our sofas or (office) chairs, and serves as acoustic insulation in our floors, ceilings and walls. It is also present in many products where we might not expect it, from the filters of our vacuum cleaners to those of our aquaria or even in the battery of our cell phones. 

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The mattress is the single most important element of every bedroom. People on average spend a third of their life on it and it is common knowledge that getting good rest is an important factor of an active and happy life. Buying a mattress is therefore not inconsequential when it comes to one’s health and well-being.



People today have more comfortable, more interesting and more affordable furniture than ever before. In large part, this is thanks to polyurethane foams.



Our modern environment generates a lot of noise and we all aspire to some peace and quietness from time to time. That’s where flexible polyurethane foams jump in to help.


Carpet underlay

Carpet underlay is the cushioning that makes carpet feel soft and luxurious and increases its lifetime. It is widely used in Anglo-Saxon countries. It is produced from recycled trim from production waste.